• Instructions: In the sections below you will be able to customize the text, text color, font, and design color for each piece of stationery in your order. This invitation suite includes (1) invitation and matching envelope, (1) response card and matching envelope, and (1) vellum jacket and wax seal. Packages can be customized to fit your needs/budget, so please contact us for a custom quote if you wish to remove items from the basic package.

    You will also be able to add optional stationery pieces or services to your order in the Add-Ons section. The Invoice at the end of the form gives you a detailed estimate of your final bill, based on your order quantity and any add-ons selected. If you have any questions or problems with completing this form, please don't hesitate to contact your designer for help.

    If you wish to alter the design you are purchasing in any way, you will need to indicate in the customization sections what colors, fonts, etc. that you wish to see in your proof. If you are not sure how to complete any of these sections, no worries! Please explain in the notes/comments section below these options exactly what you are looking to alter and how you want certain texts, colors and designs to appear, and your designer will review your notes and contact you with any questions/suggestions if needed.

    Colors and Font Styles: We offer 29 unique font styles and 41 different colors for you to select from. For your convenience, you can download a digital version of the color and font chart to see how they look from here. Although, we highly recommend ordering a physical sample so that you can see how the colors and fonts look in person.

    Proofing Process: Each order includes THREE complimentary proofs; the initial set plus two rounds for revisions. A $25 design fee for each additional proof beyond the complimentary 3 will be added to your final bill. The initial set of proofs will be designed exactly as you detail in the form below. Any requested change to wording, font, font color, or design color to any item in your order after this form is submitted will require a new proof and count towards your total. Please note that if a mistake was made on our behalf, we will not count the incorrect proof towards your total. If you request to change your chosen design to another design offered by Kraft Wedding Papers after submission of this form, then a $75 design fee will be added to your final bill. In this case we will not count any previous complimentary proofs (maximum of 3) from this order towards your total count, essentially giving you a new set of 3 complimentary proofs. However, any design fees you have incurred prior to this will not be waived from your final bill. If you would like to alter any part of your chosen design other than color, please contact your designer for a customized design quote.

    Not sure about something? We want your stationery to be a reflection of your style and vision, so if you are unsure about the wording, colors, fonts or anything, don't hesitate to ask your designer for their opinions or recommendations!